USS Laffey DD-724

Drydock Pictures, Reopening to Public, Memorial Service


Updated 12/9/12  NBC News Interview: Saving Museum Ships

Updated 10/27/12  Laffey Veterans return to Patriots Point for work party.

Updated 9/27/12  Laffey Memorial Service during 2012 Reunion

Updated 4/14/12  Laffey re-opens to public

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August, 2010 Newspaper article of current status.

First Pictures From the Dry Dock
Monday, August 24, 2009
Courtesy of Joe Lombardi

U.S.S. Laffey in dry dock, Detyens Shipyard, N. Charleston, SC

Snug Harbor.
USS Laffey, DD-724, in floating drydock AFDL-47 at N. Charleston, SC for a new 3/8” bottom from bow to stern, five new bulkheads in the four machinery spaces, new transverse/longitudinal frames and foundations in Machinery Rooms 1 – 4.
A shave and a haircut will follow.
Joseph  W.  Lombardi,  AMS  
Marine  Surveyor  &  Consultant
Ocean  Technical  Services,  LLC
Gloucester,  Massachusetts

Laffey 1

Laffey 2

Laffey 3

Laffey 4

Laffey 5

Laffey 6


Laffey 7


Laffey 8


Laffey 9


USS Laffey Video Tour