Prepaired by the Department of Ordnance and Gunnery
United States Naval Academy    Edited and produced by the
Bureau of Naval Personnel
NavPers 10797-A
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1957 edition revised from the 1955 edition

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Cover page

Preface volume 1



Historical forward

Chapter 1 Introduction to ordnance and gunnery
A. General
B. Scope of the text

Chapter 2 Explosives
A. Introduction
B. Explosive reactions
C. Service explosives: propellants
D. Service high explosives and primary explosives

Chapter 3 Ammunition
A. General
B. Propelling charge
C. Primers
D. Projectiles
E. Fuzes and tracers
F. Bombs

Chapter 4 Armor and penetration
A. Types of armor
B. Penetration

Chapter 5 Elements of guns and mounts
A. Introduction
B. Features of modern naval guns and mounts
C. Conclusion

Chapter 6 Gun barrels and interior ballastics
A. Introduction
B. Elements of gun design and maintenance
C. Interior ballistics
D. Erosion
E. New developments in gun design

Chapter 7 Turret installations
A. Introduction
B. Gun and breech assembly
C. Slide assembly
D. Elevating, training, and sight gear
E. Ammunition handling
F. Turrets equipped with case guns
G. 6"/47 dual-purpose gun and turret
H. 8"/55 rapid-fire gun and turret

Chapter 8 Semiautomatic weapons
A. General
B. Five-inch 38-caliber assemblies
C. Five-inch 54-caliber assembly

Chapter 9 Automatic weapons
A. Introduction
B. 20-mm aircraft gun
C. 40-mm guns and mounts
D. 3"/50 rapid-fire guns and mounts

Chapter 10 Automatic control equipment
A. Introduction
B. Synchros
C. Electric-hydraulic systems
D. Amplidyne follow-up systems
E. Other types
F. Shipboard tests of automatic control equipment

Chapter 11 Rockets and guided missiles
A. Rockets and the rocket principle
B. Rockets fired from surface craft
C. Aircraft rockets
D. Guided missiles

Chapter 12 Torpedoes
A. Introduction
B. Head section of a Mark 15 type torpedo
C. Air system of a Mark 15 torpedo
D. Superheating system of a Mark 15 torpedo
E. Main engine of a Mark 15 torpedo
F. Control systems of a Mark 15 torpedo
G. Tail section of a Mark 15 torpedo
H. Aircraft torpedos
I. Other types of torpedos
J. Above water torpedo tubes

Chapter 13 Mines
A. General
B. Aircraft mines
C. Mine warefare

Chapter 14 Antisubmarine weapons
A. Antisubmarine warefare
B. Depth charges
C. Depth bombs
D. Throwing weapons
E. Nets and booms

Appendix A.
Safty precautions

Appendix B.
Velocity-loss data curves (5"/38 gun)