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Dead Load Test of Magnetic Catapult On USS Gerald R. Ford

GBAD Ground Based Anti-Drone Laser

Japanese Final Surrender USS Missouri

US Navy Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

USS Pennsylvania, SSBN-735, Navy's Largest Submarine

GBAD Ground Based Air Defense Anti-Drone Lasers On Trucks

AV-8B Harrier No Nose Gear Landing on Carrier USS Bataan

F/A-18 Low Level High Speed Maneuvers Over Carrier; Cockpit View

US Navy Health Clinic: Joint Base Charleston,  Goose Creek SC

F/A-18 used to control cruise missile and target moving ship

USS Reuben James DD-245  sunk by German U-Boat 5 weeks before Pearl Harbor

The XF-2Y Sea Dart: Unbelievable Flying Object

Broken Arresting Wire on F/A-18 Carrier Landing

Medal of Honor Society Convention Video Slide Shows

Memorial Day 2012 Video Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes

National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola Florida, Slide Show

Submarine Escape Trunk and Survival Suits and Equipment

ASROC Anti Submarine Rocket Weapons System

F-35B STOVL Sea Trials October, 2011

"Take 'Er Down" 1954 US Submarine History

Humor: Navy Carrier Pilot Training Video 1946

Sailors' Stories: Bob Hope- The only Honorary Veteran

Sailors' Stories: Elgin Staples and his mother's role in his rescue

Sailor's Stories: James Payton- Tarawa Survivor appears in video

Cormorant Unmanned Aircraft Deployed and Recovered by Submerged Submarines

Sailors' Stories: WWII Richard Vanden Heuvel rescued by submariners

Sailors' Stories: Tin Can Sailors

American Lake Veterans' Golf Club

Submarine USS Clamagore Slide Show

USS New Jersey Fires Popcorn from 5" Gun

USS Wisconsin Main Battery Plotting Room Tour

Medal of Honor Society Gala Slide Show, Charleston, SC  Oct. 2010

US Navy Safe Boating Tips

Victory in Japan (VJ) Day Honolulu home video 14 August 1945

North Platte Canteen:  Volunteers meet troop trains 1941-1945

US Navy of 1915

USS New Jersey, BB-62 Floating Fortress

Catapults: Magnetic to Replace Steam

F/A-18 To Extremes

Doolittle B-25 Pacific Princess Anniversary Reunions

Blue Angels from Belly and Cockpit Cams

Naval 14" Railway Guns in 1918 France

Life Aboard a WWII Carrier in the Pacific

Iowa Class Battleships: Top Fighting Ship

WWII Posters, War Bonds and Victory Gardens: a Slide Show With Music of the Era

USS_Texas Updates Bring the Past Alive for Visitors

Blue Angels: How Do They Do It?

USS Missouri Transit to Drydock

USS Nimitz – How do they do it?

Navy Command Center of the Future

USS Missouri Launch Day, 29 January 1944

USS Missouri, BB-63, Holystoning

Carrier Landing (traps) at Night Onto a Pitching Deck

Carrier Landing (traps) in Daylight Onto a Pitching Deck

Carrier Landing S3 Viking viewed from cockpit

Navy Seals v. Somali Pirates

Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun development and testing

X-47B UCAS Unmanned Combat Air System

20 mm Phalanx CIWS firing

USS North Carolina BB-55 "The Showboat"

Night Engagement at Empress Augusta Bay (November, 1943)

Soviet Naval Ships 1965-1975 (Silent)

Italian and German Sneak Craft

Aerial Torpedo Attack with Mk 13 Torpedo

Japanese Balloon Bombs

US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team

My Behind the Locks Panama Canal Inside Story

USS Cassin Young DD-793 20 MM Gun

USS Cassin Young DD-793 40 MM Gun

USS Cassin Young DD-793 5"/38 Caliber Gun

USS Cassin Young DD-793 Hedgehog Anti-Submarine Weapon System

USS Cassin Young DD-793 Torpedoes

Carrier Landing C-130 Hercules

GO NAVY  A Video of US Navy sea and air power

21 Consecutive 5" Shots from a Deck Gun of a US Navy Destroyer

57MM MK 110 Naval Gun System

USS Missouri Big Guns Firing   Notice when the muzzle blast hits the camera.  Gene always loved standing on the pilot house and looking down at the bow during firing.  The bow bends toward the line of fire slightly.

USS Missouri Gulf War Tomahawks

USS Missouri Gulf War Guns

CIWS PAC Fire Aboard USS Kitty Hawk

CIWS PAC FIRE Aboard USS Normandy

Iowa Class Battleship Fires Its 16 Inch Guns

Loading the 16 Inch Guns     

USS Wisconsin Battleship 16 Inch Gun Fire

Mighty MO The Grand lady Comes Home

USS Raton Panama Canal Transit Circa 1957-8

USS Tarawa Panama Canal Transit Circa 1957-8

USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt Panama Canal Transit Circa 1957-8

USS Missouri Panama Canal Transit Circa 1957-8

USS Wisconsin Panama Canal Transit Circa 1957-8


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